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Kent CT 
Fall/Winter 2009
intro giraffe 
My studio has been buzzing with activity this year.  Open each weekend to visitors, there has been a constant flow of people from around the country.  All are welcome.  How do they find me?  Newspapers and magazines have carried articles recommending a stop when touring New England, from Yankee Magzine, The Bark, Fine Gardening, Antiques and Fine Art, to the New York Times.  Others stop in their tracks as they drive up this scenic section of Route 7 next to Connecticut's Kent Falls state park.  A 14 foot giraffe overlooking the road captures attention as effectively as a billboard!
dancing dogLike a modern Ark!
Loading them for travel 

Sure, even 500 pound sculpture can be moved.  But it takes a truck, and in one case this summer, it took a very big truck!  As lions and hippos, etc, were marching onto this van, someone stopped and said, "It looks like Noah's Ark, only on the Mayflower!"
Barnum Museum
dancing dog
PT Barnum's life and work is the focus of a wonderful museum in Bridgeport CT.  In June, a juried sculpture exhibit of national importance featured the work of sculptors.  It was titled "From Models to Monuments" and two giraffes were perfect for this circus king's museum.
Downtown Stamford  
elsa For three months, eleven of my large animals strode through the streets of Stamford CT in a show titled "Roam Around."  This is the second time my work has been included in Stamford's exhibits.
New Work
new work
My website shows new pieces in a section titled "New Work."  Pigs and Pugs, Goats and Giraffes, Chows and Crows, and much, much more.  No two pieces are the same (except for the Basics).  There is usually a lag between creation and website posting, so if you don't see what you are looking for, please call or email for the most up-to-date news.
                             Winter Attractiondancing dog
Winter is when outdoor sculpture really makes an impact.  Though spring and summer is when you are out in the garden amongst plants and sculpture, large pieces of art can be enjoyed from a distance through your home's windows year round.  Contrasting with the bright snow, the warm brown of the naturally finished steel becomes an even more attractive focus of your property during the house-bound winter months.  
Thank you for taking a look at the recent doings at Sculpturedale.  I hope to see you in 2010, but in the meantime, I welcome your questions.  You can phone me at 860-927-3420 or email me at sculptaire@snet.net .  And if your travels take you to the northwest area of Connecticut, please stop to visit the studio and garden of Sculpturedale.
 Denis Curtiss
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