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Yankee Magazine
Yankee Magazine's annual travel issue chose 302 places in all of the six New England states that one should visit, and Sculpturedale was one of them.

Consumate Connecticut
A new book titled "Consumate Connecticut" recommends Sculpturedale as a destination to include.

Connecticut Home and Garden
And the magazine "Connecticut Home & Garden" wrote: "Looking for a larger-than-life conversation piece for your yard? Take a ride to Sculpturedale on Route 7 in Kent, where you'll see trotting horses, leaping mountain goats, joyful dancers and playful cats--all fabricated of steel and bronze by artist Denis Curtiss...Taking a stroll through the sculptor's fascinating habitat is like going on safari, only safer..." The article goes on to interview me about how to choose sculpture for your yard, and I'll share some of my suggestions with you here to help in your decisions.

Proportions: If it's too big, a sculpture can overpower a space; too small and it gets lost. Think about whether it will live in a small space or be seen from a distance.

Dimensions: Vertical pieces look best among tree trunks, while horizontal sculptures sit more comfortably along a long hedge or wall.

Placement: The best location for yard art is one you can get to easily, and also see from a window in your home for year-round enjoyment. Interactivity: Some pieces are better suited to solitude, but sometimes it's nice to place two or more sculptures together.

Maintenance: It's a good idea to choose a sculpture that can weather the vagaries of our climate. Pieces of rusted steel keep their patina for years without any attention.

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Home and Garden Television's "Off Beat America" aired in November 2007.  If you would like a DVD of this segment, please contact Denis.