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Large Animals

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Elephants are one of the most magnificent creatures. I have spent time among both African and Indian elephants, camped in the Ngorongoro Crater near free roaming herds. I have watched working elephants in Thailand, and visited orphans at a Sri Lankan sancturary. Bringing these images home with me, my studio is surrounded by life size steel elephants now, and these continue to be one of my most popular sculptures with my collectors.

Giraffes are such interesting shapes! How can something so ungainly be so graceful? On the Masai Mara, I was privileged to be close to a newly born giraffe, umbilical cord still attached, already ready to lope from predators. My tallest sculpture, of course, is a giraffe, 13 feet tall, haughtily looking over the gardens.

Ah, the camel, beast of many shapes. For ten years I lived where driving required careful watch for camels wandering across the road, just as here in Connecticut we have to watch for deer. My life sized camel sculpture was fun to create and hence to import a touch of the lush oasis to the yard.
Aberdare (154")

Andes (78")

Augusta (64")

Amboseli (50")