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If you've visited Sculpturedale in the summertime, you have undoubtedly spent some time around the water features (a series of "bodies of water" somewhere between puddles and ponds) seeing and hearing the frogs that thickly inhabit them.  Photographers have snapped uncounted shots of huge frogs lounging on lilypads, with sculpture dancing in the distance.  Children are drawn to the frogs like magnets, as are visiting Labs and Newfies!  So of course I had to start adding sculptured frogs.  Then came the march of tortoises.  And a hare soon joined them.  Then another.  All larger than life, naturally, so they make a statement even from across the lawn.  More will inevitably follow...jumping, trudging, leaping, posing.  But where to put them on my website?  Their variety of size and natural habitat didn't fit in any existing category, so I will simply call the "critters" for now.   Some want to enhance an area with water, others would be just as happy perched on a stone ledge.  None need to hibernate for the winter!
Frog (35")


Toad (27")


Tassis (33")


Hopping Rabbit (59")