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My work is generally life-size or even larger, which makes it work so well when sited outdoors in gardens and terraces.  But I am asked if I have anything small, particularly by those in Manhattan who do not have room for a ten foot giraffe in their apartment!   To simply miniaturize that giraffe, though, would imbalance the clean lines that I strive for.  As I thought and drew, a new style emerged, which is equally uncluttered with details, but with the right balance of detail to work with a small scale while still defining the character of the animal.  Thus, Basics emerged.  And these were instantly popular.  The size makes them placeable inside any home or apartment, though they are still durable enough to live outside on a deck or balcony.  They are easily shipped, unlike a five hundred pound elephant!  And they are affordable, ranging from $300 to $400, so they can be gifts, or collected as multiples.

The Basic style has grown, at the request of several people.  "A little larger please?"  So now I have a Maxi-Basic... which is the Basic style, but proportionally taller.  See the New Work page for the latest work.

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Airedale (13.5")


Scottie (10")


Dachshund (11")


Pig (8.5")