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    When your garden goes to sleep, your outdoor spaces can still come alive with sculpture that beckons the eye
    Enhance Your Garden with Sculpture
    Winter 2007


    Greetings from Sculpturedale. Though the other three seasons seem to be when outdoor sculpture would be noticed, in fact the starkness of winter is actually one of the best times to appreciate its presence. Gone are the lush colors, now is when we most need something to enjoy in our outside areas. And a red ribbon for the holidays adds even more fun to the scene!

    Denis Curtiss

    hgtv Sculpturedale is featured on Home and Garden Television

    One evening this summer, producers of HGTV just happened to be driving up Route 7 on the way to Massachusetts when they were stopped in their tracks by a glimpse of giraffes and elephants. Into the driveway they wheeled! “What a great show segment this will make for our viewers!” they exclaimed. A month later they were back with a film crew. With only five minutes of airtime possible, it was a challenge for them to fairly present Sculpturedale’s expanse of interest. If you didn’t catch the show but are interested in seeing the segment, let me know and I should be able to share it with you.

    open studio Open Studio

    I thought it would be fun to invite my collectors and friends to meet at an Open Studio. Poor weather dampened the day, but fortunately a covered tent kept the wine and hors d'oeuvre table dry, the studio itself was a respite during the showers, and of course the sculpture dancing and prancing in the gardens glistened, undaunted by whatever the Spring weather gods might throw at them. And therein is their beauty—whatever the season, they add interest and style to an outdoor setting.

    Hopkins Hopkins Vineyard

    I wish I could share with you the stunning places my work has gone to live. In fourteen states and three countries, their sites are all fabulous. Some are in public places where you can visit, most are in private gardens. In each newsletter, I’ll share one of each with you. In this issue, the open site is at Hopkins Vineyard. This award-winning Connecticut vineyard purchased a dancer to be the cheerful welcomer . Would I consider making a wine goblet for her to hold, the vineyard owners asked. While I do not seek commissions, this idea intrigued me. It worked perfectly. See “Krassi” (Greek for wine) yourself by visiting this beautiful spot on Connecticut’s Wine Trail. See

    smithsonian Smithsonian Institution’s Archives of American Gardens

    A very special private garden in Connecticut is enhanced by five of my pieces: a double dancing dog, a rooster, a duck, a bronze cat, and a standing dog. Each is set in a “room” of the extensive six acre garden. Chosen by the Smithsonian Institute to be included in the Archives of American Gardens, I am proud to be the sculptor chosen by its owners to add a unified style throughout its stunning landscape. See and select Archival, Manuscript and Photographic Collections, then keyword Gannett Garden.

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