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  • Dancing In The Garden
  • Airedales In Your Home
  • Denis Curtiss Sculpture Featured At Interlaken Inn
  • Outdoor Sculpture Makes Landscape Come Alive

  • Spring Open Studio

    3 Carter Rd.
    Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut 06754

    Saturday and Sunday, May 20 & 21,2006
    Directions: U.S. Route 7, just North of the town of Kent, CT, or (if travelling Southbound) just a few miles South of the intersection of Route 4 and Route 7 in Cornwall Bridge, CT.

    Enhance Your Garden with Sculpture
    Spring 2006

    Denis Welding Greetings!

    Welcome to my first newsletter. Spring seemed like the right time to emerge from the indoor studio and start to do some work outside, to make some changes, and to introduce new work to my friends. For starters, my website has been re-done. Take a look at it to see a catalog of currently available pieces, and a lot more information about my work.

    Why the newsletter approach? Visitors to my studio have found me by chance. This section of Route 7 is a beautiful scenic drive and most of my customers are people who have stomped on the brakes as they spied the sculpture seen from the road. There is no sign, no way to know they are welcome to peruse the outdoor gallery and meet me in the studio. Still, over 150 large pieces have been sold this way! But everyone tells me I must make my work known to the wider world, not just who happens to be driving here I am, re-connecting with old friends (and my buyers do feel like special friends), and hoping to let many more know about what I am doing. With Spring, it is natural to start thinking about our outdoor spaces, which is where my sculpture comes to life.

    Denis Curtiss

    dancer on  ball Dancing In The Garden
    Dancers take Flight

    If you have visited my studio, you know that my sculpture is most at home in the great outdoors. For the next six months, each week brings something different to the garden palette, and my dancers revel in the changing colors and shapes. Bright new green buds, vibrant bulbs, rich perennials, raucous annuals, are reason enough to lift our spirits, and my dancers obviously join in the fun. Even rain makes the natural patina of seasoned steel deepen in color to suit the mood of an April shower. So if Spring awakens your gardening urges, come visit Sculpturedale for inspiration!

    Animals, too, in their own way, dance with Spring's tune. The newest addition to my landscape as we come out of hibernating inside the studio is, appropriately, a large bear. He has just caught a fish, still flapping, and looks perfect enjoying his meal by a water's edge. So does an enormous duck, large enough to make a statement even on the far shore of a lake. While you might struggle with herds of deer browsing in your gardens, there is some proof that a lifesize sculpture might dissuade your herd from nibbling nearby. I have two new steel deer that would enhance any country setting, and they just may earn their keep by saving your hosta bed (no guarantee about that, though)!

    See these and dozens more on my website. Imagine how one or more might bring magic to your landscape. If you have questions, want to see more photos, or need specifications, don't hesitate to contact me.

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    airdale Airedales In Your Home
    A New Member Of The Family

    When I am not in the studio welding and grinding steel, I might be delivering a dog to his adoptive home or meeting with the directors of Litchfield County's private animal shelter. Ten years ago my wife Barbara founded New England Airedale Rescue ( ) and since then we have re-homed over 300 Airedales, many of those fostered in our home. We also work with Wire Haired Fox Terriers ( ) plus Welsh Terriers. Barbara has written a book "To the Rescue" with information and stories about breed rescues. A small version of my sculpture is an ongoing fund-raiser for NEAR's work.

    As Vice President of the Board of Directors of The Little Guild ( in Cornwall, Connecticut, I am proud to be part of this fine organization that sheltered and found homes for over 500 dogs and cats in 2005. This is a premier small shelter, recently extensively remodeled, per plans I initiated. Raising funds to maintain its level of excellence occupies the time and effort I can devote to it.

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    Large CAT AT INTERLAKEN Denis Curtiss Sculpture Featured At Interlaken Inn
    Animals Stand Guard

    The Interlaken Inn, situated between two lakes in Lakeville, Connecticut, is one of New England's premier conference centers, adjacent to the prestigious Hotchkiss School and just down the road from the renowned Limerock Race Track. (

    It is my privilege to have been asked to enhance the extensive grounds with an ongoing display of my work. The Interlaken's head gardener organizes an annual gardeners' weekend workshop and the Connecticut Magazine chose a garden corner featuring one of my dancer's for its article on the event.

    As a member of the Society of Connecticut Sculptors, I arranged for the ongoing indoor exhibit at the Interlaken's interior public areas to showcase other Connecticut sculptors' work, a rotating show through the year.

    The Interlaken has 82 guest rooms housed in 5 unique buildings, a practice golf greens, tennis courts, a fitness plus massage and sauna, fully equipped meeting rooms, an acclaimed restaurant, and much more. The beautifully landscaped English cottage-style gardens are a perfect setting for my sculpture.

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    dancing dog Outdoor Sculpture Makes Landscape Come Alive
    By Carole Newhouse, Art Consultant

    A well designed landscape involves enhancing a property after taking into consideration your needs and use of space. As with an indoor space, an outdoor space should reflect who you are, your habits, likes and dislikes.

    You need to create a relationship between the home and the outdoor space taking into consideration visual goals and budget. Just as you would incorporate art into an indoor space, placing art in your outdoor space is just an extension of the home. A sculpture as part of the landscape makes the area come alive and brings a new and exciting dimension to the space.

    Choosing a garden sculpture is a personal decision. You might respond to an animal like a beautiful elephant or a friendly dog or a personable duck might appeal to you. There are lovely graceful dancers and abstract forms to set off your garden. It is best to visit the extraordinary Outdoor Sculpture Gardens and Studio of Denis Curtiss and pick a sculpture that brings you joy

    Placing a piece of sculpture in the garden environment can only bring you pleasure as you enjoy it year round and as the seasons change you see how the sculpture consistently enhances your property. So visit the studio of Denis Curtiss and start your adventure.

    Carole Newhouse, Newhouse Art Associates can be reached at 212-628-2611 or

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